Ripper News – We have a Start Date!

Hervey Bay Bombers FC

Ripper news!! AFL’s submission for 3 groups of 20 per oval for stage two training has been approved by the State Government. Please ensure you read up on the protocols, our club is readily preparing the checklist before training commences.

CHECKLIST: We have had to shuffle training sessions to accommodate regulations, we appreciate your support during these challenging times.

Hervey Bay Bombers FC - Training Days

All players must be registered before taking the field. A very detailed email will sent out explaining our club covid protocols, please note this schedule may change in the future once more restrictions are lifted.

Should your division be first team on the track, coaches may wish to start training earlier but it is very important other division players arrive no early than 5 minutes before their specified time to allow safe crossover. Players are asked to bring their own drink bottles and a smile! 😉

Up the Bombers!